Our Board

Maureen Bell, BA LLB LLM

Maureen was inspired to create the Water Conservation Trust of Canada during her studies for a Masters in Law from the University of Calgary where her thesis focused on water management in Canada.  She has worked doggedly since 2006 to bring the Water Trust to fruition.  Maureen has over 40 years of legal practice, including intellectual and property law.  It was during her Masters that she pursued water law.  In addition to being the Executive Director of the Water Trust, Maureen currently runs a water law practice with Water Rights Inc., is a member of the Alberta Water Council and has served as a board member on the Bow River Basin Council.


Rocco Ciancio, BJ, B.ES

An original member of the Board of Directors, Rocco is a waste and recycling expert and an entrepreneur operating his own consulting company.  Rocco is an avid outdoorsman who has spent long hours fishing in Alberta lakes and rivers, and hiked more than 1,000 kilometres in western Canadian mountain ranges.  He has also worked as a journalist and a corporate communications manager.


Arlene Kwasniak, BA MA LLB LLM  

Arlene Kwasniak is a Professor in the Faculty of Law at the University of Calgary. She also is Associate Dean Research and Graduate Program Director.  Arlene’s main teaching and research areas are public lands and natural resources law (in particular regarding water), municipal and planning law (in particular regarding economic instruments such as conservation easements and transfer of development credits), environmental law (in particular regarding environmental assessment) and generally, legal and policy issues concerning environmental sustainability.  Her books include Alberta Public Rangeland Law and Policy (1991), A Conservation Easement Guide to Alberta (1997), Reconciling Political and Ecosystem Borders: A Legal Map (1998) and Alberta Wetlands: A Law and Policy Guide (2001).  She has published numerous scholarly articles in her research areas.  Her committee work includes serving on the Alberta Water Council Wetland Team, and the federal Regulatory Advisory Committee under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, and having served on the Alberta Water Management Review Committee, which was instrumental in developing new water legislation for the province.


Davin MacIntosh BA LLB LLM.

Davin is a Water Rights Consultant, focusing on water matters including water licenses.  Prior to this, Davin practiced with Frazer,Milner, Casgrain LLP.  Currently, Davin is the Executive Director of Cross County Canada.


John Mader P.Eng.

John is an engineer with Fluor Daniel including water matters.  He was a contributor to the Bow River Basin – State of the Basin Report.