In 2006, the Government of Alberta closed the basins of the Oldman, Bow and South Saskatchewan Rivers to new water allocations.  For many, the response was too little, too late as the systems were already in a state of stress and in some areas, almost dry from diversions[1].  This state of degradation is having a negative impact on both the aquatic environment and those who rely on the basins for agricultural and industrial practices.  The Water Conservation Trust was developed by Maureen Bell as one part of the response to the water scarcity currently experienced in Southern Alberta.

The Water Conservation Trust of Canada (Water Trust) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to improve social, economic and environmental outcomes in Alberta by acquiring water entitlements for instream flow.  We work in the basins closed to new allocations in Southern Alberta.

The Water Trust enables water license holders to transfer water to a conservation license.  This conservation water is held instream to benefit and support healthy aquatic ecosystems.  We work closely with the Government of Alberta, in full compliance with the Water Act.

The Trust is a new and unique model in Alberta and Canada, but is modelled on successful Trusts operating in the United States.