About Us

The Water Conservation Trust of Canada is a non-profit and non-governmental organization working to maintain and restore instream water to the river systems of Alberta.

An impetus for the development of the Trust was the Alberta Government closing’s the South Saskatchewan River Basin to new licences in 2006 due to over allocation. These aquatic systems are stressed and are in need of water to maintain instream flow. The Water Conservation Trust uses a variety of tools, including economic instruments, in its work in the Alberta system to maintain, restore, and protect the water of our rivers.

Our mission is to improve social, economic and environmental outcomes by acquiring water entitlements for instream flow, and otherwise working to maintain, restore and protect instream flow.

• Work with the Albertans, including the Government, to establish processes to transfer water to be held for instream flow and/or,
• Collaborate with the Government to develop alternative methods to reclaim water allocations and restore instream flow to Alberta’s stressed watersheds.
• Educate the public about the “fallacy of abundance” of water in Alberta.
• Work with the public to develop methods of water efficiency to gain instream flow.